Outrage over CRTC decision reversal

Smaller ISPs such as TekSavvy are protesting a recent decision by the CRTC to mandate lower wholesale internet rates, a decision seen as a giveaway to the larger internet players such as Bell and Rogers who already maintain their own fibreoptic networks, as smaller players are now forced to pay more to make use of the existing internet infrastructure.

In response to this decision, TekSavvy is now launching a new website soliciting the public’s help in making the voice of smaller ISPs and consumers heard.

“We heard you – we must move beyond just letters. With videos especially, you can make your voices – your literal voices – heard. We’ll make sure our elected officials can’t ignore them this time,” Peter Nowak, Vice-President Insight & Engagement is quoted as saying on his public blog. Their campaign can be found at paylesstoconnect.ca.