Federal Election 2019

Federal Election 2019 and domains

As we get closer to Canadian federal election date on Oct 21, 2019, we took a quick look at some of the ways the newly registered domains are used by the parties and candidates: (registration date in brackets)

There are some patterns in the domain names registrations such as:

louise2019.ca (2019-08-11) Website for Green Party Candidate Louise Boutin
valerie2019.ca (2019-10-07) redirects to https://valerierenaudmartin.liberal.ca/
henrylau2019.ca (2019-08-20) Conservative Party Cadidate Henry Lau

votechristmas.ca (2019-08-05) website for Green Party candidate Candice Christmas
voterodney.ca (2019-08-06) website for Conservative party candidate Rodney Weston

votejoycemurray2019.ca (2019-08-15) redirects to https://joycemurray.liberal.ca/ Liberal Party Candidate Joyce Murray website
votecathymcleod2019.ca (2019-09-07) redirects to the website for Conservative Party Candidate Cathy McLeod

electlogan2019.ca (2019-08-19) Conservative Party Candidate Logan McLellan
electjoycemurray2019.ca (2019-08-15) redirects to https://joycemurray.liberal.ca/ Liberal Party Candidate Joyce Murray website

%name%2019ppc.ca (only PPC Candidates)
rundle2019ppc.ca (2019-08-12) website for Brian Rundle – 2019 People’s Party Candidate
broda2019ppc.ca (2019-08-27) website for Ron Broda – 2019 People’s Party Candidate

It appears that NDP candidates have relied on ndp.ca subdomain:
nimamachouf.npd.ca website for Nimâ Machouf NDP candidate

Then we have parties and organizations that set up websites specifically for this election such as:

liberal2019.ca (2019-08-12) & justin2019.ca (2019-08-16) & chooseforward2019.ca (2019-08-12) redirects to https://2019.liberal.ca/ Liberal Party 2019 Campaign website

cpacvote2019.ca (2019-08-12) election 2019 website for CPAC to organize the content

elect2019.ca (2019-09-24) Non Partisan. A set of resources for voters in Canada’s 2019 federal election, six independent sites, produced by Political Science students at UBC. Interestingly it also uses subdomains for different topics:

election2019envirosurvey.ca (2019-08-20) &
election2019ecosondage.ca (2019-08-20) Federal Party Survey on Environmental Platforms website created by Environmental Defence a leading Canadian advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.

issuetracker.ca(2019-06-09) Issue Tracker Canada Non-Partisan

2019voterschecklist.ca (2019-09-07) has a landing page with a link to main web site at 2019voterschecklist.com ( 2019-09-04)
Content appears to promote and support the People’s Party. Come on guys why not having the main website at dot-ca?!

campaign2019.ca (2019-09-09) redirects to a landing page under therebel.media (2015-02-09) which redirects to rebelnews.com (2003-11-16) Anti CBC, Toronto Star and Justin Trudeau

ykdebates.ca 2019-09-04 Website for Yellowknife Constituency Debate Schedule

tricitiesenvdebate.ca (2019-09-06) website for Oct 9th, federal MP candidates in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam debate on how to build a new engine to prosperity, a debate dedicated exclusively to our climate and environment.

ivote2019. ca (2019-09-22) & wevote2019. ca (2019-09-22) Parked domains monetized by its registrar with zero click advertising and possible spyware such as fake Rogers survey. Be careful!

scheer2019.ca (2019-08-09) & sheer2019.ca (2019-08-13) Page not found
Were they projects by Conservative Party or the competitors?

The good thing is that the organizations, candidates and parties rightly use dot-ca domains to talk to Canadians.

elections.ca is the main place to go to find information on how and where to vote. You may also be surprised that there are other federal parties that you may have never heard of, some have been operating for many years. fairvote.ca explains how our election system favours the 2 larger parties and how a change in the way we vote may change the dynamics of politics in Canada.

List of Registered Political Parties in Canada as of Oct 2019: