Emerging threats in the domain world

SecurityMagazine.com has a new report on four emerging threats that have developed over the past few years when it comes to domain names.

1. Ease of third-party registrations – Because domains can be registered simply and typically only require a credit card to purchase, malicious actors can obtain a domain and sit on it, only to use it for phishing or malware at some point in the future. As such, it’s worth looking for domain registrars with a rigorous security system that takes such possibilities seriously and work to prevent them.

2. A change in how organizations value their domain names – The recent pandemic has made organizations very cognizant of the value of their domain names, particularly as interactions move online. However, similar domains or extensions may be obtained by those looking to direct searchers to phishing sites may take advantage of the confusion.

3. The explosion of QR code use creates more routes to hijack – QR codes can lengthen the lifespan of a domain as they become a part of the code’s instructions, but in a similar manner to the point above, they can result in malicious redirects to false websites.

4. The rise of Blockchain domains – Blockchain domains do not use the standard DNS system that other domains use, and are therefore not subject to regulation by ICANN. This deregulation and lack of oversight may be sought by many, but also leaves them open to abusive practices.

In summary, be careful regarding the domains you navigate to and if you are in charge of your organization’s domain management, it’s worth obtaining your domains from a reputable registrar and obtaining any domains that are similar or could potentially drive traffic to your main website.