CIRA goes local

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) is highlighting four local projects helping people people across Canada build lasting internet infrastructure and develop digital skills.

Newfoundland and Labrador – Being a mostly island province, a business development team in rural Newfoundland realized they had a lot of neighbours with internet access and cellular network difficulties. Thus SimpleCell was born, an infrastructure project that will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas, including the historical Francophone region of Port au Port.

Ontario – The Orillia Christian Centre has begun a project to provide internet access and digital literacy to the city’s homeless, vulnerable and impoverished populations. Their goal is to create a supportive environment for those with barriers to internet access where they can learn the critical skills necessary for success.

Quebec – Concerned about digital literacy in the educational sphere, the organization Option consommateurs has received funding from CIRA to produce children’s stories on how to stay safe online.

Alberta – Due in large part to the grant from CIRA, the Mamawapowin Technology Society plans to upgrade and expand wireless infrastructure in the Samson Cree First Nation.