Public Response

ICA policy call open to the public

DNW Domainnamewire reports that ICA will hold a public webcase on Friday Apeil 12 at 1 PM EDT.

The call will cover topics sucg as:

  • NTIA permitting Verisign to seek price increases from ICANN for .com
  • ICANN’s failure to recognize the difference between the legacy domain extensions which were originally created by the US Government for the public benefit and the new gTLD extensions
  • Potential unrestricted price increases for .org, .biz and .info
  • ICANN staff independently pushing significant policies that were not approved by the ICANN community
  • The move by the Australian .au Domain Administration to abolish domain investing in .au domains and to delete long-standing domain portfolios held by .au investors
  • Whois information in the wake of GDPR
  • Bad UDRP decisions
  • The effort by trademark interests at ICANN to create a special “UDRP” for Intergovernmental Organizations

Registration is available here.