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Domain Authority: What is it and how does it work?

You may have registered a domain name with an eye towards search engine optimization (SEO), trying to register a name that matches desired keywords. While this is an outdated concept of optimization, there is a concept known as Domain Authority (DA) developed by SEO specialists Moz that analyzes the backlinks and keywords among other factors to establish a rating of domain trustworthiness. According to TechBullion, the SEO experts that it has spoken to indicate that while DA does not have a direct impact on the SEO of a website, it can have an indirect effect because it covers so many of the factors that do contribute to SEO, such as the relevance and trustworthiness of inbound links.

Any user hoping to boost their search engine ranking is best served by improving the links to and from each page on their site. Social media links are excellent for boosting site rankings and it will boost Domain Authority rankings as well. As such, DA can be a useful metric in ascertaining the success of an SEO strategy.