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CIRA Releases 2020 Cybersecurity Report

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has published its annual cybersecurity report for the year and its findings are not positive. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Fewer organizations expect to increase human resources dedicated to cybersecurity in the next 12 months with one-third planning to do so, down from 45% in 2019.
  • About three in 10 organizations have seen a spike in the volume of attacks during the pandemic.
  • Slightly more than half of organizations implemented new cybersecurity protections directly in response to COVID-19.
  • One-quarter of organizations experienced a breach of customer and/or employee data last year.
  • Another 38% don’t know if they did or not.
  • Organizations are less likely than in 2019 to inform a regulatory body of a data breach, with only 36% doing so compared to 58% last year.
  • Decision-makers are divided in their concern about changes to PIPEDA, with 54% saying they are concerned.

Overall, the report indicates a tech landscape still struggling to keep up with the changes wrought by COVID-19, but CIRA hopes that these findings will guide business and users alike in securing their established home office environments from the risk of cyberattacks.