Canada Not Prepared For Cyberthreats, says CIRA Head

Testifying before Canada’s Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (INDU), CIRA Director Byron Holland reported that the country has not adequately prepared itself for the latest online security threats.

“Canadians need to develop street smarts around cybersecurity,” Byron was quoted in the remotely convened committee hearing as reported by CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, had previously launched their own free DNS firewall service called SHIELD back in April. This comes in light of a report from Google that phishing websites skyrocketed by 350 per cent between January and March.

Byron elaborated on his findings during the committee. “As Canada and the rest of the world enter an era where the internet has proven to be a lifeboat for the global economy, we believe Canada must do more to be a global leader in cybersecurity. We would encourage the government of Canada to dedicate more funding to cybersecurity research, solutions and platforms, to protect Canadians and ensure the security of our digital economy.”