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Canada at higher risk from Russian cyberattackers: report

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions launched by Canada in response to the attack, cybersecurity experts are warning businesses that Russian cyberattacks will target Canadian businesses large and small. In fact, as the Financial Post reports, they may already have started.

“They may already be happening and we don’t even know it,” said Abasi, chief security officer at Forward Security, a Vancouver-based cybersecurity company. “If they haven’t already, they will, and we need to be prepared.”

Elana Graham, CEO of Cyber Defense Corp, is warning that small- and medium-sized businesses in particular may be a increased risk as they may not be aware that they have been targeted. “You can live in denial if you like if you’re a small company, but the reality is you could be compromised already and you have no idea.”

David Shipley, CEO and founder of Fredericton-based Beauceron Security Inc. has observed that despite the “frightening” capabilities of Russian cyberattackers, the worst can be be mitigated with a “basic cyber hygiene” routine, which includes using multi-factor authentication, teaching employees about cybersecurity, and patching systems to ensure they are up to date.