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A trip down memory lane: the first domains registered

Jeffrey Gabriel takes a walk through the early history of the internet as he recounts not only his first domain names, but also the very first domain names ever registered.

The very first domain name registered was symbolics.com. The next nine were registered in less than a year:

The next nine domains took just under a year to get registered:

1. April 14, 1985: BBN.com

2. May 24, 1985: Think.com

3. July 11, 1985: MCC.com

4. Sept. 30, 1985: DEC.com

5. Nov. 7, 1985: Northrop.com

6. Jan. 9, 1986: Xerox.com

7. Jan. 17, 1986: SRI.com

8. March 3, 1986: HP.com

9. March 5, 1986: BellCore.com 

Some of these are remembered and still exist to this day. Others, such as bellcore.com, have fallen by the wayside. Jeffrey’s advice is to keep your domains memorable, no matter how much you need to spend. Domain names can endure if you register them with care.